Intuitive, long-lasting, powerful – the all-new Drift Ghost-S is the optimal camera choice for living life outside the box.

Packed full of features and with supreme HD video quality, the Ghost-S integrates power with simplicity for the best multi-purpose action camera on the market.


What’s New?

+ 1080p at 60fps video
Double the frame-rate for our sharpest image quality yet. Relive your adventures in rich, vibrant HD.

+ 3.5-hour Battery Life
Super-efficient and primed for epic sessions with the longest battery life in its class.

+ Scene Mode
Normal, Vivid or Low-Light video modes – whatever the environment, the Ghost-S excels.

+ Clone Mode
Multi-camera control from one master Ghost-S – seamless head cam synchronization.

+ Bit Rate
Adjustable video compression for the best quality video playback.

+ Flat Rotatable Lens
300° rotatable flat lens for capturing natural HD video from any angle.

+ Slow Shutter Mode
Excellent low-light capability with dynamically adjusting shutter.


Price: $349.99 Out of stock