GoPro TimeLapse Intervalometer/Controller

Time Lapse Intervalometer

TL-003 for GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 2 Cameras

The Time Lapse Controller for GoPro cameras is a programmable intervalometer designed for taking long time lapse sequences. The controller is compatible with the HD Hero, Hero 2, and Hero 3 White, Hero 3 Black, and Hero 3+ Black cameras. The controller is not compatible with the Hero 3 or 3+ Silver cameras.

The GoPro camera comes with a time lapse (PES) setting for taking multiple photos timed from 1 second to 60 seconds apart. This can be very useful for capturing fleeting images or rolling an hour’s motion into a one minute video. However, the GoPro camera does not turn off between shots, so the longest time you can record using the internal battery is about 2 hours.

The Cam-Do Time Lapse Controller is designed to turn the camera on and off to maximize the battery usage. In most cases, the Hero 2 camera will take about 2,000 images on a single battery charge. The Hero 3 White will take about 1,400 images. The Hero 3 Black will take about 750 12MP images. These images can be spread over hours, days or even weeks.

With the current GoPro firmware, the controller can turn the Hero 3 Black camera on, but it cannot turn it off. The camera must be programmed to turn off after taking a photo or shooting a video of the desired length using Super One Button Mode scripts which are installed on the SD card. This allows for considerable flexibility in deciding what the camera will do when triggered by the controller.

GoPro Timer Features

  • Compatible with HD Hero, Hero 2 and the Hero 3 White and Black cameras.
  • Programmable delayed start.
  • Autostart mode turns the camera on 5 seconds after remote power up.
  • Repeat cycle or continuous operation once started.
  • Programmable repeat cycle from 15 seconds to one week or more.
  • Programmable on time from 5 seconds to infinity.
  • Programmable Super One Button Mode can be set to take multiple photos or a combination of photos and video on each cycle (Black only).
  • The WiFi can be turned on during the cycle for additional wireless control or downloading images (Black only).
  • Light trigger option enables shots when a light shines on the controller.
  • On board USB connection for powering the Hero 2 camera for extended use (Hero 2 only).
  • External trigger capability is included for advanced users. Trigger the GoPro camera with timers, accelerometers, computer interfaces, cellphones, remote controls and more.
  • External output can be used to turn on lights or interface to an alarm or signalling device
  • Read the GoPro Controller Manual and Application Notes for Advanced Users for complete information on features and specifications.The GoPro Time Lapse Controller is a small high quality circuit board that plugs into the accessory connector on the back of the GoPro camera. The controller is small enough to fit inside the GoPro Hero 3 Frame mount or the extended back doorsprovided with the GoPro accessories such as the GoPro LCD Bacpac or the GoPro Battery Backpac. Both the naked PCB and the acrylic enclosed versions fit in the GoPro extended backdoors.

    GoPro Time Lapse ControllerNo battery is required. The controller uses the GoPro battery. In standby it uses very little power (similar to a watch) and does not reduce the battery life.

    Because it requires no power source and fits inside the waterproof housing, it can be used in any environment the camera can handle.

    The Time Lapse Controller is available as a fully assembled and tested naked PC Board or safely encased in a rugged acrylic enclosure.

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